Frequently Asked Questions

Edstruments is a budget and finance platform designed for the unique needs of educational institutions (K12 + higher ed), non-profits, government agencies, and other mission-driven orgs. It is designed for leaders of varying levels of finance expertise. At this time, we only serve US-based orgs.

Our platform is built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) virtual machines. Your data is secure in GCP, protected by 256-bit encryption and symmetric keys through GCP SQL. These data keys are themselves encrypted and changed regularly.

The GCP servers have 99.9+% up-time. Edstruments remains regularly maintained and updated to add new features and address bugs. Updates and temporary shutdowns occur overnight and will not affect your platform access. If you are experiencing issues or have questions, please contact

Edstruments can be accessed from any internet browser, but we recommend using it on a device with a 12+ inch screen (laptop, desktop, or large tablet), as it is not mobile-optimized at this time. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge for the best experience.​​

Please review our Implementation page for more details on this process.

Frequency for automated syncs ranges from hourly to daily based on your accounting system and the way we connect to it. Learn more on our Integrations page.

Our pricing is generally tied to your budget - the larger it is, the higher your annual license cost. We also charge additional implementation fees in your first year for setup and onboarding work. We have never charged additional fees for more users - you’re welcome to bring as many users onto Edstruments as you wish! We will share a pricing quote after a product demo for your organization, which you can schedule here.

Reach out to us at or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch! ​