Streamlined Payments and Procurement

Reduce manual inputs and decrease Purchase Order & Accounts Payable processing time.

Make your vendors happy with hassle-free electronic payments.​

Smart invoice, PO, and payment automation

Enjoy real-time sync with your ERP

Experience the magic of AI invoice scanning, pre-filled expense coding, and auto-drafted PO emails.​

Bulk pay multiple invoices and forward invoices from your email inbox.

Unify Amazon purchases into your procurement flow with Punchout.

Reduce check fraud by paying 90%+ of invoices electronically

Get vendors paid in 5 business days or less ​​

No need to collect vendor payment details- we take care of it for you!

Track your payments to vendors with status updates.

Managed payments

Customizable approvals and purchasing analytics

Tailor AP approval workflows for time-saving, compliant operations.​​

Involve all necessary stakeholders with unlimited free accounts for both creators and approvers.

Tap into insightful analytics on your spending by vendor, AP processing timelines, and more.

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New Product: Purchasing!

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