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Read and watch more about how our partners have saved significant time on manual and non-strategic work, become strategic by linking spend to instructional and SEL goals, and improved collaboration among leaders.

"The biggest impact Edstruments has had is having a very clear place where the information is."


Elizabeth Garcia, Director of School Operations
KIPP Massachusetts Public Schools

"With my team and how they run their budgets it’s easier for me to do a quick pulse check to see where they’re at and now I can be more prepared going into a meeting with them. There’s less room for human error."

Zachary Trotsky, Managing Director of Operations
KIPP Massachusetts Public Schools

"It makes our budget meetings easier and quicker, there is never a surprise."


Meirelys Ruiz, Principal
Brilla Public Charter Schools

"Very user friendly"

"The Edstruments platform has very user-friendly tools that allow me to understand the data in big picture while also enabling me to see details whenever I need to. Being able to compare the different schools side by side is also an amazing tool."


Eva Padilla, Operations Lead
Caliber Public Schools

"I feel more confident about our current and future fiscal health"

"Edstruments has brought clarity to our organization's finances by streamlining practices relating to budgeting and spending. I feel more confident about our current and future fiscal health and how we are allocating funds to effectively meet the needs of our students, families, and staff"


Jolene R. Galpin, CEO, Mildred Osborne Charter School
ARISE Schools

"Help and support was immediate, thoughtful, and consistent."

"Edstruments is a great way to provide real time budget to actual information to all your budget managers. When we encountered issues with our accounting system connecting to Edstruments their help and support was immediate, thoughtful, and consistent. I use this tool to communicate important budget information to all our school leaders consistently."


Juan Levario, Senior Accountant
KIPP Colorado Public Schools

"A critical tool for key leadership decision makers"

Markus Mullarkey, President
Caliber Public Schools

"Truly impressed with the level of support"

"We recently began working with Edstruments to support budgeting and forecasting for our organization. Throughout the implementation process, we have been truly impressed with the level of support and responsiveness. We also really appreciate the ways in which they bring other users of the program together to thought-partner and share best practices."


Meghan Wagner, Chief Operating Officer
Springfield Prep Charter School

"Above and Beyond"

"Edstruments goes above and beyond with support to ensure that we are set up for success. Being able to collaborate with them on Zoom calls has allowed us to be more efficient and has prepared our team for budget meetings. The team's quick response time is also unmatched, especially with their live chat feature they have! Not only that, but our budget owners absolutely love how user friendly the site is. It is easy to navigate, reallocate funds and see data/expenses in real time which was a huge plus for us and keeps budget owner's on track for spending. They are just overall excellent!!"


My Duong, Finance Manager
KIPP Massachusetts Public Schools

"Huge Help"

"The Edstruments team has been a pleasure to work with.  Their entire team has been a huge help as we have walked through a very difficult integration process due to the restrictions of our current ERP vendor. They have been proactive in keeping us on track to meet deadlines and we are so excited to begin utilizing the amazing Edstruments tools.”


Randi Owen, Director of Finance & Compliance
Journey Community Schools

"Saving 45 hours/month"

"The financial investment pays for itself in terms of people being more informed and able to make better financial decisions. Edstruments is saving 45 hours/month in manual work for our finance team!"

Read more about KIPP Massachusetts Schools' experience on our blog!


Stephen Pizzimenti, Chief Finance & Talent Officer
KIPP Massachusetts Schools

"Allows us to make decisions that are in the best interest of our students"

John Dixon, ED of Operations and Finance
ARISE Schools

"Edstruments has allowed us to understand the intended purpose of spending."

Jamiela Sekou, Director of Finance
KIPP New Orleans

Read and watch more about how our partners have saved significant time on manual and non-strategic work, become strategic by linking spend to organizational goals, and improved collaboration among leaders​.

"Nothing gets missed"

"Edstruments allows us to easily see our budget versus actual in each of the many categories that we regularly monitor. Quarterly budget reporting is much less labor intensive and it allows directors a real-time view into their own budgets without giving them access to the full accounting system. They are able to log in and easily confirm the accuracy of expense coding, and see the remaining balance for each category. Using Edstruments, directors can participate more actively in the budget development process. Changes and updates and tracked in a centralized system and nothing gets missed. The support from the Edstruments team is outstanding. We appreciate the regular check-ins to review new features, and the rep takes time to understand our organization and suggest features that work for us. When support is needed, online chat is super helpful and immediately available. Edstruments has been a great addition to the finance function of the organization. "


Brenda Campbell, President and CEO

Read and watch more about how our partners have saved significant time on manual and non-strategic work, become strategic by linking spend to organizational goals, and ensured data security to protect sensitive financial information​.

"Extremely knowledgeable"

"The team at Edstruments have been a key partner in our ability to provide real-time financial information and data to our clients. Aditya and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and are a pleasure to work with."


Delano Jones, President & COO
North Compass Consulting Group