Modern finance and
budget tools for

K12 Education
Higher Education
Accounting Firms


Empower your leaders to

make real-time decisions
equitably allocate resources
align budgets to strategy
see the big picture
flexibly plan for the future





Put clunky spreadsheets in the past.

Save time and reduce errors with our user-friendly platform that syncs with your ERP.


Say goodbye to bad version control.

Build live budgets in the cloud that cover multiple revenue & expense scenarios.


Personnel planning eating up weeks of time? No more.

Swiftly model the financial impact of staffing and comp changes to streamline contract negotiations.

Trusted by forward-thinking orgs around the US

Edstruments makes finance and HR information visual, timely, and actionable for leaders of all backgrounds.

Laser Focused on Partner Success

See what our partners say about us.

"Edstruments has brought clarity to our organization's finances by streamlining practices relating to budgeting and spending. I feel more confident about our current and future fiscal health and how we are allocating funds to effectively meet the needs of our students, families, and staff."

Jolene R. Galpin
CEO, Mildred Osborne Charter School, ARISE Schools

"Edstruments goes above and beyond with support to ensure that we are set up for success. Being able to collaborate with them on Zoom calls has allowed us to be more efficient and has prepared our team for budget meetings. The team's quick response time is also unmatched, especially with their live chat feature they have!"

My Duong
Finance Manager, KIPP Massachusetts Public Schools

"Edstruments allows us to easily see our budget versus actual in each of the many categories that we regularly monitor. Quarterly budget reporting is much less labor intensive and it allows directors a real-time view into their own budgets without giving them access to the full accounting system."

Brenda Campbell
President and CEO, SecureFutures

"The Edstruments platform has very user-friendly tools that allow me to understand the data in big picture while also enabling me to see details whenever I need to. Being able to compare the different schools side by side is also amazing."

Eva Padilla
Operations Lead, Caliber Public Schools

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