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Edstruments exists to equip education leaders with the knowledge and tools to most effectively and equitably serve students.


The Edstruments platform is designed to bring important information to leaders in a more transparent, real-time, and visual way. No more digging through complicated spreadsheets or accounting platforms. We’re built to make finance and HR insights accessible for decision-makers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

In-year budget management:

Intuitively track detailed budget-vs-actuals and forecast spending

Easily monitor restricted funds and analyze expenditures against goals

Future-year budget planning:

Robustly plan for uncertainty with comprehensive revenue and enrollment scenarios

Collaboratively build budgets with the input of multiple stakeholders and historical data

Personnel spend and position control:

Simplify analysis of employee spend across sites, positions, and funding sources

Streamline projection of future-year headcount costs to improve labor negotiation and forecasting


Edstruments syncs with your existing accounting/ERP platform – check out the list below for our current and upcoming integrations. Don’t see yours? Reach out via chat or Contact Us below!

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Who we serve

HR manager

District Finance and HR Teams

View spending across schools and district cost centers at a glance; identify how to best support school and department leaders; seamlessly run position control, purchasing, and transaction workflows.


School Leaders

Own decision making with up-to-date and accurate financial data; delegate budget ownership to staff members; streamline purchase orders, teacher stipends, and school revenue documentation.

Team leaders

Boards and Communities

Understand with intuitive visuals how your district is tracking towards financial goals, make sense of spending comparisons across schools, and align on short-term and long-term priorities.


Our story

Aditya Kaddu, Edstruments Founder
Aditya Kaddu Founder, Edstruments

I founded Edstruments because I am passionate about increasing equity and outcomes for American students. As a former teacher and TFA alumnus, I saw firsthand that these goals are driven by strong administrators at both the school and district level.

My learnings as a graduate student at Stanford and McKinsey consultant have further cemented my belief that effective resource management plays a critical role in the success of any organization. We are focused on empowering administrators to better carry out their responsibilities.

Our advisors

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We are seeking innovative district and school administrators to partner with us in improving their approach to financial management and planning. Submit a form below or simply email to get in touch.